General Industry Concensus About Wobble

Nearly everybody in the stabilizer industry comes to the same conclusion about Harley death wobble and what causes it. Rubber mounted engines are a great thing for touring bikes and reducing rider fatigue, but they also expose a design vulnerability. This design flaw allows the engine to oscillate from side to side creating a mis-alignment and then all hell can break loose.  Much like the old Tacoma Narrows bridge it is amazing how a small design flaw and a 40mph wind can lead to a catastrophic failure of 100's of tons of material.  Much like Tacoma Narrows Bridge, your engine and transmission needs the proper anchoring to avoid oscillation that leads to high speed wobble.

Smooth-Rider developed a stabilizer that stops the harmonic effect that was being transmitted from the engine/transmission which induces instability to the rider. During the design process; Smooth-Rider address the design issues we have seen with our competitor’s approach on solving wobble problem. By inhibiting engine/transmission side to side movement, the harmonic effect that creates wobble is stopped. However, permanently mounting the engine/transmission to the frame with a solid linkage, like all our competitors, then vibrations are transmitted throughout the entire bike. Our High-Performance Urethane will dampen the vibrations when wobble occurs. In other words, Smooth Rider won’t touch until the oscillation tries to begin, hence NO wobble will occur or continuous vibration transfer.

Ever feel like your riding on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge?  Small design flaws can cause big problems.

Ever feel like your riding on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge? Small design flaws can cause big problems.

How smooth rider works

How it installs

The "Rail" (Top Part) mounts up to the Oil Pan and the "Guide" (Bottom Part) mounts to the Frame.  The "Rail" floats in the high performance urethane guide.  This allows the engine/transmission assembly to float freely while inhibiting the side-to-side movement that causes wobble.

Total Freedom

THis is a side view perspective of an installed Smooth Rider.  The high performance urethane guide has plenty space (Yellow and green shaded area) for the "Rail" to move freely in the assembly.  This allows your bikes engine/transmission assembly to move without constrant.

Wobble Stopper

This is a rear view perspective of the Smooth Rider.  The Rail is free to move up and down.  During the installation process you will maintain a small clearance fit between the sides of the rail and urethane guide, noted with the yellow lines.  When the conditions for wobble occurs, the Rail will come in contact with the urethane and inhibit the motor/transmission oscillation that creates wobble.  The urethane will also damp out motor/transmission vibrations until the oscillation naturally stops.


Consideration when comparing Smooth Rider to other manufactures stabilizers

There are a lot of stabilizers out on the market and I admit, they do fix the wobble, but here is a list of things to consider when considering the our competitions products and why we consider Smooth Rider to be the best design on the market:


All our competitors stabilizers hard-link the engine/transmission to the frame with heim-joints which continuously transfers vibration throughout the bike.


Smooth Riders High Performance urethane bushing will inhibit wobble while dampening vibration transfer from the motor until the ocilation is done.


Some competitors completely encapsulate the oil pan with an aluminum block which stops airflow and drastically reduce your engine & transmissions cooling capacity.


Smooth Rider does not protrude outside the bikes factory parts and some competitors hang below the frame. Some riders have scrapped other stabilizers on the pavement, while leaning into a corner nearly causing an accident. 


Smooth Rider does not require any factory parts or assmblies to be removed for installation.  Some stabilizers require you to remove saddle bags and mufflers.  Increased installation will also cost you more.


This is a no-brainer, why pay more money to buy a lower performing stabilizer.  Smooth Riders common sense solution gives you an engineering marvel at an unbelievable price.


We know that some times the bike just has other problems, that's why we give you 30 days from purchase to try it,  If you are not satisfied with Smooth Rider, send it back for a full refund.


We will be here for you before, during, and after the sale.  Our priority is to keep bikers safe.  Drop us an email or give us a call.


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